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Affiliate Associate Professor, Department of Statistics
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School of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, UW Bothell
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Short Vita

  • Affiliate Associate Professor, Department of Statistics, University of Washington, 1989-
  • Joined The Boeing Company in 1979. Senior Manager Applied Statistics, The Boeing Company, 1988-2007, retired January 2007.
  • Post Doctorate, Biostatistics, University of Washington, 1977-79.
  • Statistical consultant, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, 1977-1979.
  • Assistant Professor, Mathematics, Universidad de Buenos Aires, 1976-77.
  • Assistant Research Professor, FundaciĆ³n Bariloche, Argentina, 1975-76.
  • Ph.D., Department of Mathematics, Case Western Reserve University, 1973.
  • Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics, Case Western Reserve University, 1972-75.
  • Mathematician, Chapiro y Asociados, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1966-67.

Work and research interest while at Boeing:

  • Reliability Models and Analysis, Statistical Tolerancing, Applied Stochastic Models, Residue Number Systems and applications to Signal Processing.

Selected Presentations:

  • Statistics for Boeing in the 21st Century, Conference on Contemporary Methods in Data Analysis: Theory and Practice (Dedicated to the memory of John W. Tukey) Argentina, 2001.
  • Residue to Binary Conversion using the Core Function, with Dale Miller, 22nd  Annual Asilomar Conference on Signals, Systems and Computers, 1988.
  • Statistical Time Series Models of Pilot Control with Applications to Instrument Discrimination, with Phyllis Nagel and Fatma Oliver, 20th Annual Univ. NASA Conference on Manual Control, Sunnyvale, CA, 1984.

Selected Publications and Manuscripts:

  • Mathematical Methods for MSG and CMMP, The Boeing Company, 2007.
  • A case study in Statistical Tolerancing, with Fritz Scholz, Manufacturing Review of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, 7, 52-56, 1994.
  • Algorithm for detecting energy diversion, with Denis Janky, Fritz Scholz, Rod Tjoelker, and Tom Tosch, Electric Research Power Institute, 1991.
  • The efficient simulation of phased fault trees, with Phyllis Nagel, 1987 Proceedings of the Annual Reliability and Maintainability Symposium, 1987.
  • Analysis of the Residue Class Core Function of Akushkii, Burcev and Pak, with Dale Miller, John Polky and James King, in "Modern Applications of Residue Number Systems Arithmetic to Digital Signal Processing," W. K. Jenkins, F. J. Taylor, M. A. Soderstrand, and G. A. Jullien (eds.) IEEE Press Book.
  • Sustained Peaking Capability, with Ed Seymore, Bonneville Power Administration, 1984.




Other interests:

  • Family, Music, Futbol (soccer), Good Food



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