The primary focus of my research program is to use quantitative methods (discrete-event simulation, mathematical modeling, and statistics) to develop management policies for humanitarian relief, supply chain, production, and service systems.

My early work in this area focuses on closed-loop supply chains. In particular, I developed a performance measurement framework and subsequent design model for closed-loop supply chains.  More recent work in this area includes developing sustainability models for supply chain management, with specific interest in food and water supply networks.

Humanitarian Relief Chains
My particular expertise relates directly to humanitarian logistics research and practice through establishing effective performance evaluation, coordination techniques, and quantitative decision support tools for use in strategic and tactical planning in humanitarian relief.

Supply Chain and Production Systems
This work centers on developing performance metrics and models to achieve high-performance large and small-scale production systems. More specifically, my work in this area focuses on developing performance measurement systems for the supply chain, developing models using those systems to form linkages to key supply chain controls and understanding how to manipulate those controls to design high-performance supply and service chains.


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