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Life is all about communication.

We talk to people. We write notes. We email. We text.  At work. At home. Running errands. Going out with friends.

Communication disorders make it really hard to communicate. Problems with speech and language. Problems with memory and cognition. Hearing loss. People with all of these problems have to work hard to communicate. When they can’t keep up with the conversations around them, they often get left out of the conversations. When you are left out, it is easy to drop out. Then there is not much communication with the people who are important to you. Family. Friends. Co-workers.

We want to help change that. We don’t want people to be left out of life or to drop out of life because it is hard for them to communicate. We are collecting people’s stories about their challenges and triumphs living with communication disorders. We hope these stories will help other people with communication disorders. We hope these stories will help healthcare providers provide better care for people with communication disorders.

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