Danny Hoffman

Associate Professor
Department of Anthropology
University of Washington

My scholarship, teaching and civic engagement are based primarily on ethnographic research in West Africa and on my background as a photojournalist working in Southern and East Africa.

Since 2000 I have conducted fieldwork in Sierra Leone and Liberia on issues of youth mobilization during and after those countries’ recent wars. The resulting research explores how young men participate in regional networks that make them – and their capacity for violence – available for various forms of work. These include labor in the region’s resource extraction industries, labor on battlefields across West Africa and the labor of violent political campaigning.

My work in visual anthropology concentrates on the scholarly, artistic and popular representations of violence in still photography. The aesthetics so often used to represent African conflicts make simplistic portrayals of the continent unavoidable. In response I experiment in my own scholarship with the aesthetics of visual and literary ethnography, researching the work of African photographers and artists in an effort to develop alternatives for the representation of violence.



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2017. Monrovia Modern: Urban Form and Political Imagination in Liberia. Durham, NC: Duke University Press.


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book chapters

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Film Screenings

Make-It-Rail [4 minute ethnographic short, Liberia]

Ethnografilm festival, 2/2017. Paris, France.


Build Us a Theatre! [Documentary short on photographer Jeremy Francis and the Ward Theatre. Kingston, Jamaica]

Winnipeg Architeecture & Design Film Festival, ArchiShorts Programme, [2-minute version], 5/2017. Winnipeg, Ontario. Canada.

Palm Bay Caribe Film Festival, 6/2017. Palm Bay, Florida.

book reviews

Nostalgia for the Future, by Charles Piot. Ethnos

Magic and Warfare, by Nathalie Wlodarczyk. International Journal of African Historical Studies.

Liberia by Mary Moran. Journal of Modern African Studies.

No War, No Peace edited by Paul Richards. Africa Today.

Beyond Plunder by Amos Sawyer. Journal of Modern African Studies.

Navigating Terrains of War by Henrik Vigh. Ethnos.

film reviews

War Don Don. (2010. Rebecca Richman Cohen, dir.) African Conflict and Peacebuilding Review.


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