Downtown Campus Classrooms-Direction​s and Facilities

Map Showing Downtown Campus Classroom Location and Where to Park

Downtown Campus Location:
Puget Sound Plaza
1325 Fourth Ave. #400
Seattle, WA 98101
(206) 685-0606

Google map directions to the building (enter your starting point for location A):

Main office on the 5th floor.  Use the elevators on the right side of the lobby for the lower half of the building.  Room number of classroom corresponds with which floor (4th or 5th) the room is on.

Link to map with location of parking for downtown campus:

Information about Downtown UW Professional and Continuing Education Facilities

Notify building or eMPH staff if there are issues with equipment/facilities

  • Stairwells will only allow you to exit the building.  Do not use for travel between floors.
  • Printing capability at the Puget Sound Plaza is limited.  Students who need to print documents should  print them at a commercial printer or at home prior to the on site session.  Known locations of businesses capable of printing are noted on the above map with yellow markers.
  • Be aware that the building is not open until 8:00 am, and generally closes at 9pm (M-Th) and 5PM (F-Sat), but students should leave room at end of class (per the eMPH schedule) because other programs may have courses in the room.
  • If you need a space after class, please contact the program.
  • Restrooms -
    • 4th floor hallway requires number code
    • 4th floor inside main office-requires entrance
    • 5th floor requires a key card - please do not leave the door open for other students as a security request of other businesses on the 5th floor

Program Staffing for Weekend Sessions

  • The eMPH program will have staff present on on-site days M-F to help and are available to talk with students

The program will provide refreshments (baked goods) on the first morning of each on-site session.

Send questions about this workspace to eMPH UW.