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Greetings to eMPH Alumni

Hello eMPH Alumni,

It's been a busy year for the program and we're very interested to hear how things have gone for you. Please do update your contact and employment information, and if you're willing to share, let us know what's been happening in your life.

We hope you will connect to the program via your LinkedIn page. The Program's LinkedIn page is under UWeMPH, and the email it's connected to is uwemph@u.washington.edu  Please join the program and your cohort friends there.

The Alumni Updates and Resources Section for eMPH alumni is in the process of being built. Please let Kitty know if there is something in particular you would like easy access to from this page. Check out the Program Directory link on the sidebar to find current information about the eMPH Program and links to UW Libraries, etc.

Thank you.

Please help us recruit new students for this year’s class . . .

Please post some information about the program at your place of work and/or other places that would allow you to post and where professionals who are seeking to understand and improve health in communities will see it.

Your help with recruiting new students has been and continues to be appreciated. For your convenience, you can download information from this site.

Please use the sidebar to download a copy of the eMPH flyer. A copy of the annual schedule for new cohort students is also available, as is a copy of the program's brochure. Let Cindy know if you want additional information.

Again, thank you for helping promote the Program.


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