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Published papers and thesis chapters

Publications arising from student projects in Fish 507

Siple, M. C. and Francis, T. B. 2016. Population diversity in Pacific herring of Puget Sound, USA. Oecologia 180: 111-125.  Link to article

Student Presentations

Representative titles of student presentations in prior years.


  • "Modeling domoic acid in Pacific razor clams (Siliqua patula) at Long Beach, WA, USA using autoregressive integrated moving average and generalized linear models"
  • "Synthesis of Bristol Bay sockeye salmon genetic data improves understanding of migration patterns to inform commercial fisheries management"
  • "Behavior of Depth Selection in Lake Trout (Salvelinus namaycush) Morphotypes in Northern Lake Superior"
  • "Extracting time-varying climate-driven growth index for use in stock assessment models"
  • "A comparison of statistical models applicable for environmental assessments of marine renewable energy sites"
  • "A method of reconstructing the daily growth of large wildfires with state space models"
  • "Modeling and forecasting multispecies catches in the Uruguayan longline fishery"
  • "Chinook salmon jack rate in the Columbia River basin: are jacks trending?"
  • "Spatial asynchrony in juvenile sockeye salmon growth driven by competition in a changing climate"


  • M. Muradian. "Can distinct sub-populations within the Prince William Sound be classified by differing responses in male fecundity and do oceanographic conditions affect surveys of male fecundity?"
  • "Scales of variability in forage fish stocks"
  • L. Koehn. "Extreme weather incidents and prey availability affect Magellanic penguin (Spheniscus magellanicus) reproductive success"
  • C. Szuwalski. "Environment drives changes in recruitment for most marine fisheries"
  • "Initial exploration of modeling options for an environmental driver of sardine abundance"
  • M Siple. "Demographic structure of Puget Sound Pacific herring stocks"
  • "Common trends in spawning stock biomass of northeast pacific marine stocks"
  • "Describing variability of fish and macrozooplankton density at marine hydrokinetic energy sites"
  • "Lake specific variation in juvenile sockeye salmon growth driven by competition in a changing climate"
  • "Environmental and phenological variability: match-mismatch effects of lake conditions and entry timing on sockeye salmon survival and growth"


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