Adjunct Assistant Professor Janxin Leu

(It's pronounced "Jen-shing Loo.")


I am a design-influenced psychologist who leads projects at HopeLab that focus on promoting health and well-being among youth through tech-enabled social innovation. I joined HopeLab to “activate the Wonder Twin powers of behavioral science and human-centered design to empower healthy lives.” In close collaboration with partners in healthcare, wellness, and education, I lead multi-disciplinary teams to innovate strategic solutions, research and define new opportunity areas, and develop partnerships across a broad range of challenges.  

Translating what's known in science about how to motivate behavior change and model health behaviors is my passion.  For example, I created the curriculum for the Emmy-nominated Nick, Jr. show “Ni hao, Kai-lan!” based on research on biculturalism.

I have degrees in psychology, anthropology, and art from Stanford University and the University of Michigan, and was elected a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Health & Society Scholar.  I'm an elected member of the Society for Experimental Social Psychology.



Selected Publications:


Yang, J.P.*, Leu, J., Simoni, J.M., Chen, W.T., Shiu, C.S., Zhao, H. (2015).  Please Don’t Make Me Ask for Help: Implicit Social Support and Mental Health in Chinese Individuals Living with HIV.  AIDS and Behavior, 19(8), 1501-509.  Doi:  10.1007/s10461-015 1051-y.

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Leu, J., Wang, J.,* & Koo, K.* (2011).  Are positive emotions just as “positive” across cultures? Emotion, 11(4), 994-999.  Doi: 10.1037/a0021332

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