Spring 2015

Schedule for Biophysics Seminar for 2015

PBio 519 Postdoc lectures

(version 3/23/2015)

Lectures open to all. Please come to make an audience for these postdoctoral speakers doing elegant science.

Graduate students can sign up for 1 credit for attending the lectures.  No test or exam.  Just come.

PBIO 519 - SLN: 17722

Thursdays, 1:10 - 2:00 PM, PBio small conference room G-417 HSB

Course coordinator: Bertil Hille

April 2   Martin Kruse (Hille lab)

Phosphoinositide metabolism and signaling in a sympathetic neuron: measurements and model

April 9 John Bankston (Zagotta lab)
Tripping up HCN channel regulation through an interaction with an accessory subunit

April 16 - Bertil out of town

April 23 Zach James (Zagotta lab, thesis from David Thomas Lab at U. Minnesota)
Resolving the SERCA-Phospholamban Regulatory Mechanism by EPR Spectroscopy

April 30. Yasmine El-Shamayleh (Horwitz lab, postdoc work from Pasupathy lab)
Invariant visual object coding in single cortical neurons

May 7 Oscar Vivas (Hille lab)
Activation of BK channels at low voltages relies on close association with CaV1.3 channels

May 14 Bertil out of town

May 21  Gucan Dai (Hille lab)
Inositol transporter SMIT1 regulates ion channels by adjusting phosphoinositide levels

May 28  Gilbert Martinez (Gordon lab)
Conformational dynamics and activation of TRPV1 channels

June 4  TBA (tba lab)


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