Spring 2016

Biophysics Seminars

PBio 519 - Postdoc lectures

(version 3/16/2016)

Lectures open to all. Please come to make an audience for these postdoctoral speakers doing elegant science.

Graduate students can sign up for 1 credit for attending the lectures.  No test or exam.  Just come.

PBIO 519 - SLN: 17849

Thursdays, 1:10 - 2:00 PM, PBio small conference room G-417 HSB

Course coordinator: Bertil Hille


March 31   Eric Evans (Zagotta lab, work done in Millhauser lab, UC Santa Cruz)

Copper and zinc promote interdomain structure in the cellular prion protein, suggesting a mechanism for PrP-mediated neurotoxicity


April 7  Bertil out of town


April 14     Anthony (Tony) Azevedo (Tuthill lab; work done in Rachel Wilson lab, Harvard)

Frequency tuning in the Drosophila central auditory system emerges from the interaction between synaptic input and electrical resonance


April 21     Eric Senning (Gordon lab)

TRPV1 by fluorescence: Dynamics, function and structure of an ion channel in the plasma membrane


April 28   Nikolai Dembrow (Spain lab and additional work done in Dan Johnston lab, UT Austin)

The intrinsic properties of cortical pyramidal neurons govern their integration of synaptic input: a reminder of how dendrites matter.


May 5   Teresa (Tess) Aman (Zagotta lab)

Activation of cyclic nucleotide-regulated channels studied with transition metal ion FRET and the noncanonical amino acid, Anap


May 12   Catherine Dulac, Hille Lecture in Neuroscience at 4:00 PM today, T-625


May 19 - no class


May 26   Evanthia Nanou (Catterall lab)

Regulation of calcium channels by calcium sensors and its role in synaptic plasticity.


June 2     William N. Grimes (Rieke lab)

Retinal signaling at the rod-cone interface



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