Spring 2017

PBio 519 2017 schedule

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Biophysics Seminars

PBio 519 - Postdoc lectures

(version 2.27.17)

Lectures open to all. Please come to make an audience for these postdoctoral speakers doing elegant science.

Graduate students can sign up for 1 credit for attending the lectures.  No test or exam.  Just come.

PBIO 519 -  SLN: 17951

Thursdays, 1:10 - 2:00 PM, PBio small conference room G-417 HSB

Course coordinator: Bertil Hille

March 30 Miriam Meister (Buffalo lab)
Title: Memory-dependent neural activity that represents eye position and the visual world

April 6 Tom Schwarz (Harvard) Hille Lecture (Foege 060 at 4:00 PM)
Title: Moving and Removing Axonal Mitochondria

April 13 Martin Kruse (Hille lab)
Title: Regulation of phosphoinositide signaling in neurons of the peripheral and central nervous systems

April 20 Jake Morgan (Zagotta lab, PhD work done in Jochen Zimmer lab, U Virginia)
Title: Bacterial Cellulose Synthase: Mechanisms of Regulation and Cellulose Translocation

April 27 Gucan Dai (Zagotta lab)
Title: Molecular mechanism of voltage-dependent potentiation of KCNH channels

May 4 Gilbert Martinez (S.E. Gordon lab)
Title: Cytoplasmic domain regulation of human TRPA1 channel activation

May 11 Bertil out of town

May 18 Yasmine El-Shamayleh (Horwitz Lab)
Title: Selective optogenetic control of neuronal types in primate

May 25 Bertil out of town

June 1 Akira Mamiya (Tuthill lab)

Title: Population coding of proprioceptive information


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