Ellen M. Kaisse
Professor Emerita

Department of Linguistics

University of Washington

email: mylastname@uw.edu

I have taught linguistics at the University of Washington since 1976.  My research is in the area of phonology (the sound patterns of human languages) and I concentrate on Modern Greek, Spanish (especially the dialects of Argentina), and Turkish. I've co-edited the journal Phonology with Colin Ewen (Cambridge University Press) since 1988. I  finished my term as President of the Linguistic Society of America in 2014, was then the Immediate Past President, in the usual way of non-profit boards, and I recently finished chairing the LSA Awards Committee, which is what the past Immediate Past President does.

I am the author of the book Connected Speech: the interaction of syntax and phonology, joint editor of three volumes, and the author of several articles. Major publications from the last dozen years include two papers in the Wiley-Blackwell Companion to Phonology (2011): ‘Stricture features’ and ‘The lexical syndrome’ (with A. McMahon), "Is the sonority sequencing principle an epiphenomenon?' (with R. Wright and E. Henke) in The sonority controversy (2012), 'Sympathy meets Argentinian Spanish' (2009) in The nature of the word: studies in honor of Paul Kiparsky and ‘Word formation and phonology' (2005) in Handbook of word-formation. My most current completed research area deals with the  the proper description of Vowel Harmony in Anatolian Greek, Northwestern Spanish, and Standard Turkish, and more generally, on the contributions of dialectology to theoretical phonology. I am now looking into the typology of postlexical rules: why is vowel harmony or stress assignment almost always word-bounded, while tone rules are not? This last topic is covered in a forthcoming paper called 'What kinds of processes are postlexical? and how powerful are they?' and another paper on the domain of stress rules that I can't talk about 'til the Festschrift is announced :-) 

In my spare time, I like to sing in a couple of choruses, (also this one: http://www.earlymusicguild.org/tickets/communitycollegia/sinenomine/) play the piano, bicycle, and take care of my two dogs and 5 chickens. I am addicted to Chopped and Top Chef and tend to spend half the summer freezing tomatoes and making jam.


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