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 Racz, S.J., King, K.M., Wu, J., Witkiewitz, K., McMahon, R.J. & CPPRG (In Press). Predicting elementary, middle and high school risk behaviors from kindergarten screening data. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology.

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Witkiewitz, K., King, K. M., McMahon, R. J., Wu, J., Luk, J. and the Conduct Problems Prevention Research Group (in press). Categorical versus continuous models of externalizing disorders: Evidence for a two-dimensional model. Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology.

King, K.M., Lengua, L.J., & Monahan, K. (in press).  Differentiating executive and motivational components of self-regulation: Differences in trajectories, predictors and adjustment. Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology.


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