Welcome to the Public Schools Fieldwork Website!

Welcome, all new and returning supervisors! We greatly appreciate your support of our graduate programs and look forward to working with you this year.

This website contains information to help support the clinical fieldwork components of the UW Core Speech-Language Pathology Master's program and school rotations. Notice that there are two different experiences:  Practicum in the Schools or Internship.  Supervisors, there are specific guidelines and timelines for you in the Practicum or Internship Supervisor Resource pages.

The contents of this website are outlined below:

Fieldwork Advisor & Coordinator and Faculty Liaison: names and contact information for staff and faculty who place and advise students throughout their clinical education

Community Supervision Guidelines: outlines general participation requirements and supervisory responsibilities

Pre-Internship/Internship Information: overview of the offsite experiences in public schools

Practicum  Syllabi, & Assignments: contains word documents with current syllabi used for this off-site experience

CoreSLP Program: overview of the CoreSLP program, including curriculum

Student Clinical Preparation: clinical experience requirements for our graduate students

Supervision Benefits: detailed information regarding benefits provided to community-based supervisors and/or their sites

Supervisor Forms: documents to review and/or complete and submit to the Fieldwork Advisor & Coordinator, including supervisor/site information forms and reference materials about student clinical evaluations and liability insurance

School-Based Resources: helpful tips for working in schools

Additional Resources: helpful clinical education articles, supervisor workshop handouts, and website links (including supervision training and grand rounds videos)

Applying for ESA Status: how to apply for Education Staff Associate certification

Dropbox: Assignment delivery mechanism for students

Files: all files posted to this website available for easy access and download




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