ASL Club 2007-2016

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UW ASL Club is affiliated with the National ASL Honors Society.

See Below for current and past ASL Club officers.

UW ASL Honor Society Medal Requirements

See the attachment for information on ASL Honor Society Medal Requirements
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ASL Club Officers 2015-16



  • Jessie Zhang- president
  • Vickie Goldberg - Vice President 
  • Brinitti P..  - programming and outreach 
  • Josie Stump- media and publications 
  • Travis Smith- treasurer

2015 ASLHS Laurent Clerc medals given to ….?

ASL Club Officers 2014-15


  • Kyla Haggith- president
  • Amy Busch- Vice President 
  • Jahira Teague- programming and outreach 
  • Jessie Zhang- media and publications 
  • Monica chan- treasurer

2015 ASLHS Laurent Clerc medals given to Amy Busch and Hannah Langlie.

Brief History of UW ASL Club 2004-2014


President - Christine Liao
Vice President - Kyla Haggith
Media and Publications Coordinator - Travis Smith
Programming and Outreach Coordinator - Mary-Delilah Ferrer
Treasurer - Sam Smith
2014 Alice Cogswell Medal Winner: Dunia Sarwary
2014 Laurent Clerc Medal Winner: Christine Liao, RJ Harris 


*Official member of ASL Honors Society

  President        Vice         Treasurer      Outreach    Communication
                 President                     Director      Director
  RJ Harris    Christine Liao John Norberg   Kyla Haggith  Nicole Browns

Medal given in 2013:  

    Laurent Clerc: John Norberg, Mariette Verchsaeve, Heather Wheathill, Kim Gonzalez, and Dawn Tuason.

   ASLHS Scholarship winner:  RJ Harris (Junior)


*Official Member of ASL Honors Society

       President          Vice-President         Treasurer

       RJ Harris           Anna Eggink         Allie Struzya

Rodney (RJ) Harris took over as a president and was very active and involved with students through out the year.  He and club officers formally established ASL club as part of ASUW and met every week with fun things to do.  They hosted a end of year event for all ASL students, "ASL Performance Night" with ASL Poetry and performance.  See:  The club joined national ASL Honors Society and medals were given to seniors for community services and taking certain courses in ASL and Deaf Studies.

Medal given in 2012:  

    Laurent Clerc: Anna Eggink

    Alice Cogswell: None


Raevynn Leach worked closely with Elisha Terada from last year and continued to be active with students with out of class events.  ASL tutor volunteers were arranged for first year students.

2009-2010 "Quiet Riot"

A strong and creative leader, Elisha Terada got students together to do many things, took several pictures of outdoor activities and arranged an end of year party.  The club came up with a club name, "Quiet Riot". He organized several ASL students to observe interview candidates for a second open ASL Lecturer position for Fall of 2009


Katie Hoffman continued her efforts to get ASL students together to do fun things.  ASL students were not ready to establish ASL club as an organization so each activity was spontenaously planned throughout the year.


No formal leadership or organization.  Katie Hoffman transferred into our ASL 103 and tried to help the students with outside activities from time to time.


Richard Ladner helped students form ASL club so that a petition can be written to support the efforts to convince the university administrators to consider offerring ASL.  Eventually, ASL program established in 2007 with Lance Forshay hired to start the program.


Send questions about this workspace to LANCE FORSHAY.