Gifts to UW ASL Program

Ways you can donate to UW ASL Program.

Updated Sept. 27, 2017

You can donate to UW ASL Program in several different ways, through financial giving or Deaf culture books and videos.  


We use financial gifts to sponsor Deaf community events, UW academic lecture on Deaf Studies, development for our ASL program and training for our ASL faculty.  Two ways you can give to our program below.

#1: Send through mail.  Send checks payable to "University of Washington" with "ASL Program" on the memo line to our Dept. Administrator below.

Michael Furr, Dept. Administrator
Department of Linguistics
Box 352425, Guggenheim Hall 414A
University of Washington
Seattle, WA  98195-2425

#2:  Online giving.  

  1. Click link,
  2. From the Drop down menu where it says "Find a Fund" click on "Search for other Funds"
  3. Use the search term "American Sign Language" (ASL will not get the correct fund)
  4. Pick the fund:  "American Sign Language Program Fund: To provide support for the America Sign Language Program in the Department of Linguistics."


We also accept or buy used ASL and Deaf culture books and videos.  Contact Lance Forshay, ASL Language Director at for ASL program library inventory and see if we don't have what you have.  (We keep only two copies of any books/videos and we give more copies to WA ASLTA for their ASL teacher book swap or fundraising projects.)  

Send questions about this workspace to LANCE FORSHAY.