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Resources and Job for ASL Tutors at UW

Adobe Acrobat file icon Teaching Curriculum.pdf264K Download View This is a 'suggested' tutoring curriculum to follow.
Microsoft Word document icon UW language_tutor_description.doc39K Download You may apply with CLUE at the UW to tutor students upon request. Contact CLUE for more information.

Deaf ASL Tutors from Seattle Deaf Community:

Updated on December, 2016. Please notify me if the information below changed. Please give me an updated information if possible at You can also contact UW ASL Club for a free peer ASL tutor. Find them on facebook or contact them at

Jackthomas Heinrichs (hearing): I am a 4th year ASL student. I have tutored 1st and 2nd year students at the University of Arizona. I can either mentor students online via Skype or in person. Contact me at or call/text me at 425-922-9625. Currently going to be a Sophmore at the University of Washington.


Mateo Bonn (Deaf):  I am a Deaf tutor from Minnesota and I can mentor ASL students online.  Contact me at and ask for resume and flyer.  Also, for more information, see my vlog (video blog) about myself at:


Andrea Kurs (Deaf):  My session fee is $15 per person in a group of 5; $18 per person in a group of 2 and $20 for an individual. 

Dinesh Indurkar (Deaf):  Free tutor sessions.  Contact me at  Phone:  425-336-0235.  ASL interpreter will be in the line as you call from your voice call to my Video phone.

Jerry Steffen, Jr. (Deaf):  I offer FREE tutoring service.  Contact me at my email address:  

Jessica Philips (Deaf)My available schedule would be from 9 to 11 in the mornings or after 2:30 to 4 in the afternoons.  My rate would be $15/hour.  Can contact me at or call me at 425-336-2528.  Can agree on meeting place. 

Jodene Anicello (Deaf): I'm a deaf person.  You will benefit my tutoring services because I review all signs and help bring out the best in students with positive reinforcement.  I have a world of patience.  I enjoy bringing communication by meeting halfway with students who want to learn and practice using the language.  I can help you review the following:

  • Vocabulary exercises
  • Fingerspelling skills exercises.
  • Expressive ability in using ASL.
  • Facial expressions practice.
  • Test preparation.
  • Chat without voice.

We can meet at a coffee shop or library to receive the tutoring services.  Pay is negotiable.  Contact: or 425-273-0489 text only.


Mariya Gorelik:  I am typically free on the weekends and Friday and Wednesday evenings after about 3pm.  My rate is typically 25 dollars an hour.  However, if this is financially just not feasible to a student, I will be willing to modify it on a case by case basis.  They can contact me at my UW email:
They can also text me at (818) 620-9212
I have had about 2.5 years of tutoring experience.  I can also help with cultural classes, as well as Deaf literature.
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