ASL Placement and Evaluation

ASL Placement and Evaluation

College ASL Credit Transfer:
If you have taken a prerequisite ASL class (ASL 101/121 or 102/122) at another college or at a high school with college articulation credit, bring an unofficial transcript copy to your appointment with the ASL program coordinator below. You may need to take an ASL placement evaluation if you haven’t signed for a while.

Placement into ASL 102 or 103 with no prior college ASL credit:
If you don’t have any college ASL credit and you feel you are skilled enough to be placed into ASL 102, 103 or 201, you need to meet with the ASL Coordinator for an evaluation interview. You be rated according to the competencies required for that level. Then you will be placed to an ASL level where you can enroll if there is a space available.

Third Quarter ASL Waiver:
If you feel you are fluent in ASL with skills exceeding our third quarter ASL students, you may take this evaluation interview for “third quarter language waiver” in order to satisfy UW graduation requirement. You should be able to perform at the competency level as our UW ASL students at the END of ASL 103 quarter.
**Read:​ay/advising/degreeplanning/gebsrfor​lan.php for more information.

Important Note: Please be aware that the candidates for ASL placement or waiver come from a wide variety of ASL background, ASL curriculum and education qualities. It is very common that students will have some gaps in second language acquisition or skills especially when you don’t use it for long time or are taught by non-native ASL teachers in the past. You may be required to take ASL 102 or 103 at UW.

Class Enrollment Priority:
• Students who have taken the prerequisite ASL course at UW or have transferred ASL credit from other college have the priority over students who have taken the ASL Placement evaluation interview.
• If there is a waiting list, the priority will be given to students with more years at UW and then these higher on the list. Joyce Parvi, Linguistic Department Office Manager takes care of this list. Contact her if you have any question about your number on the list.

For appointments or questions contact:
Lance A. Forshay, MS ASL Program Coordinator
Padelford Hall, A215
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Send questions about this workspace to LANCE FORSHAY.