Papers to appear 

Zhang, J., K. A. Kelly, and L. Thompson, 2016, The Role of Heating, Winds and Topography on Sea Level Changes in the North Atlantic, Accepted,  Journal of Geophysical Research-Oceans.  

Spencer, B, J. Lawler, C. Lowe, L Thompson, T. Hinckley, S-H Kim, S Bolton, S. Meschke, J. D. Olden, J. Voss, 2016, Accepted Co-benefits approaches to climate change mitigation and adaptation, Accepted, Journal of Environmental Planning and Management.

Submitted Papers

Kelly, K. A., K. Drushka, L. Thompson, and D. LeBars, 2016 Atlantic Heat and Freshwater Budgets from Observations, under revision for Geophysical Research Letters.

Shao, A., S. Mecking, L. Thompson and R. Sonnerup, 2016. Examining the use of tracer-based methods in determining the mean state and variability of oceanic ventilation, Submitted to Journal of Geophysical Research-Oceans.  



Published Papers (BOLD indicates student author)

Shao, A. E., Gille, S. T., Mecking, S., & Thompson, L. (2015). Properties of the Subantarctic Front and Polar Front from the skewness of sea level anomaly. Journal of Geophysical Research-Oceans, 120(7), 5179–5193.

Kappel, E. S., and L. Thompson, 2015, Invited Scientific Papers and Speakers and Fellow Awardees:  Little Progress for Women Oceanographers in the Last Decade 2014, Oceanography 27(4) supplement: 24–28,

Umbert, M.S. GuimbardG. LagerloefL. ThompsonM. PortabellaJ. Ballabrera-Poy, and A. Turiel (2015), Detecting the surface salinity signature of Gulf Stream cold-core rings in Aquarius synergistic productsJ. Geophys. Res. Oceans120859874, doi:10.1002/2014JC010466.

Zhang, Y.L. JaegléL. A. Thompson, and D. G. Streets (2015), Six centuries of changing oceanic mercuryGlobal Biogeochem. Cycles28, 1251-1261,doi:10.1002/2014GB004939.  Cover figure of January 2015 issues of GBC.

Zhang, Y., L. Jaeglé, and L. A. Thompson (2014), Natural biogeochemical cycle of mercury in a global three-dimensional ocean tracer model, Global Biogeochem. Cycles, 28, 553–570, doi:10.1002/2014GB004814. Highlighted in EOS., Palus, S. (2015), Humans greatly increase mercury levels in the ocean, Eos, 96, doi:10.1029/2015EO028539. Published on 22 April 2015.

Kelly, K. A., L. Thompson and J. Lyman, 2014, The Coherence of Meridional Heat Transport in the Atlantic Ocean Inferred from Observations, J. Climate, 27, 1469-1487.

Trossman, D. S., L. Thompson, S. Mecking, M. J. Warner, F. O. Bryan, S. Peacock, 2014, Evaluation Of Oceanic Transport Parameters and Erosion Time Scales Using Transient Tracers From Observations and Model Output, Ocean Modelling, 74, 1-21.

Holmes, R. H., L.  Thomas, L. Thompson, and D. Darr, 2014 Potential Vorticity Dynamics of Tropical Instability Vortices, Journal of Physical Oceanography, 44, 995-1011.

Shao, A. E., S. Mecking, L. Thompson, R. E. Sonnerup, 2013, Mixed layer saturations of CFC-11, CFC-12 and SF6 in a global isopycnal model, J. Geophys. Res. Oceans, 118, doi:10.1002/jgrc.20370.

Trossman, D. S., L. Thompson, S. Mecking, M. J. Warner, 2012: On the Formation, Ventilation, and Erosion of Mode Waters in the North Atlantic and Southern OceansJournal of Geophysical Research-Oceans117, C09026, doi:10.1029/2012JC008090.

Booth, J., L. Thompson, J. Patoux, K. A. Kelly, 2012, Sensitivity of Midlatitude Storm Intensification to Perturbations in the Sea Surface Temperature Near the Gulf Stream Using the NCAR WRF Model, Mon. Weather Rev. , 140, 1241-1256. 

Trossman, D. S., L. Thompson, and S. Hautala, 2011. Application of thin-plate splines in two-dimension to oceanographic tracer dataJ. Atmos. Oceanic. Tech, 28(11), 1522-1538. 

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Cronin, M. F., N. Bond, J. Booth, H. Ichikawa, T. M. Joyce, K. Kelly, M. Kubota, B. Qiu, C. Reason, M. Rouault, C. Sabine, T. Saino, J. Small, T. Suga, L. D. Talley, L. Thompson, R. A. Weller, 2010.  Monitoring ocean-atmosphere interactions in western boundary current extensions, in Proceedings of the "OceanObs'09: Sustained Ocean Observations and Information for Society" Conference (Vol. 2), Venice, Italy, 21-25 September 2009, Hall, J., Harrison D.E. and Stammer, D., Eds., ESA Publication WPP-306, 2010.

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Booth, J. F., L. Thompson, J. Patoux, and K. A. Kelly, 2010. The Signature of the Midlatitude Tropospheric Stormtracks in the Surface Winds, J. Climate, 23, 1160-1174. Highlighted in Nature Geosciences, Nature Geoscience 3, 4 (2010)

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