Ocean/ESS/ATM S 475 Seminar on Current Research in Climate Change

Last Offer Fall 2011
Will be offered again Fall 2012

Weekly lectures focusing on a particular aspect of climate from invited speakers, complemented by class discussion, readings, and final paper. Promotes interdisciplinary understanding of climate concepts. Prerequisite: either ESS 201, ATM S 211, or ATM S 321. Offered: jointly with ESS 475/OCEAN 475.

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Fall 2011 topic:  Water, Climate and Health

Fall 2012 topic:  Climate impacts and vulnerability

Ocean/ESS/ATM S 586

Last taught Fall 2011

Weekly lectures focusing on a particular aspect of climate (topic to change each year) from invited speakers (both UW and outside), plus one or two keynote speakers, followed by class discussion. Offered: jointly with ESS 586/OCEAN 586.  

Fall 2011 topic: Water, Climate and Health. 

Winter 2012 topic:  Ocean ice-shelf interactions
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Fall 2012 topic:  Climate impacts and vulnerability
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Ocean 558/Atm S 559 Climate Modeling

Last taught Spring 2012

Principles of Earth system modeling. Emphasis on atmosphere, ocean sea ice, and land-surface components. Climate forcing. Appropriate use of models. Topics of current interest including carbon cycle, atmosphere chemistry, and biogeochemistry. Prerequisite: either ATM S/OCEAN/ESS 587, ATM S 504 or ATM S 505. Offered: jointly with ESS 559/OCEAN 558. Offered: alternate years.

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Ocean 423: Ocean Circulation and Climate

To be offered Spring 2013

In this class, we ask the question: what do we need to
understand about the ocean in order to predict future climate
change? We will focus on physical properties of the ocean that
impact climate including ocean storage and transport of heat and
freshwater. We will first develop basic understanding of how the
ocean is set into motion and how it stores and transports heat and
fresh water. Class projects will include calculations using matlab,
and discussions of contemporary papers and excerpts of the recent
IPCC report.

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Prerequisite: PHYS 123; MATH 125; recommended: OCEAN 210


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