My group

David Darr, Research Engineer

Current Graduate Students (advised or co-advised)

Miguel Jimenez-Urias (Oceanography)  Miguel is working on understanding how the Iceland-Faroe Ridge mediates transport of Atlantic water into the Nordic Seas.  Using a reentrant ROMS simulation, he is exploring eddy driven transport differences between the summer and winter with mixed-layer instability dominating eddy generation in winter and classic baroclinic instability dominating in summer.

Current Postdoctoral Scholars

Andrew Davis.  Andrew is working on evaluating low frequency variability in the Gulf Stream in low resolution and high resolution climate models using altimetry. 

Former PhD students

Andrew Shao. Postdoctoral Researcher at GFDL/Princeton

Jinting Zhang, Data Scientist at American Express

Kyle Armour.  Assistant Professor in the School of Oceanography and Department of Atmospheric Sciences, University of Washington.

David Trossman.  Research Scientist NASA Goddard

Jimmy Booth.  Assistant Professor, City College of New York

Chuanli Jiang.  Research scientist at Northwest Research Associates

Jordan Dawe  Data Scientist in the private sector

Carol Ladd.  Now an oceanography at NOAA/PMEL

Emmanuel Boss.  Professor at the University of Maine

Former post-doctoral Scholars

Jessica Kleiss:  Assistant Professor Lewis and Clark College

Ivan Lima: Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Curtis Deutsch.  Now associate professor at the University of Washington, School of Oceanography

Taka Ito: Associate Professor, Georgia Tech

Frederic Vivier.  Now at L'Ocean IPSL

Susan Bates  Project scientist, NCAR Climate and Global Dynamics Division

Helma Lindow:  Now at Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute


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