My group

David Darr, Research Engineer

Current Graduate Students (advised or co-advised)


Megan Gambs (Oceanography, co-advisor Susan Hautala)  Megan is working on North Pacific circulation and response to fresh water perturbations during the Last Glacial Maximum using models.

Jinting Zhang (Oceanography, co-advisor Kathie Kelly, APL)  Jingting is working in North Atlantic subtropical/subpolar gyre exchanges using satellite observations and simple models.

Andrew Shao (Oceanography, co-advisor Sabine Mecking, APL) Andrew is working on modeling SF6 and CFCs in the North Pacific and using them for determination of ventilation ages. 

Miguel Jimenez-Urias (Oceanography)  Miguel is working on the transport and formation of North Atlantic Deep water Across the Iceland-Faroes Ridge using idealized models

Former PhD students

Kyle Armour.  Now a post-doc at MIT

David Trossman.  Now a post-doc at University of Michigan

Jimmy Booth.  Now a post-doc NASA/GISS

Chuanli Jiang.  Now a research scientist at Earth and Space Research

Jordan Dawe.  Now a post-doc at University of Britsh Columbia

Carol Ladd.  Now an oceanography at NOAA/PMEL

Emmanuel Boss.  Now a professor at the University of Maine

Former post-doctoral Scholars

Jessica Kleiss:  Now at Lewis and Clark College

Ivan Lima: Now at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Curtis Deutsch.  Now at UCLA

Taka Ito: Now at Colorado State University

Frederic Vivier.  Now at L'Ocean IPSL

Susan Bates  Now at NCAR Climate and Global Dynamics Division

Helma Lindow:  Now at Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute


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