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I created this simple climate model in excel that can be used in the high school or college classroom.  My goal in creating this model was to demystify climate modeling, to allow students to see the numbers that go into plots, and for them to be able to change parameters in the climate model.  The model simulates the globally averaged surface temperature, and you can run the 20th century or make predictions for the 21st century.  If you use the model, create a lesson plan for it, please let me know and give me any documents you create.  Thanks!




Climate model in excel that can be used in the high school or college classroom

Microsoft Word file icon Climate Model Investigation.docx729K Download View This document contains information on the background of the climate model including links, references and equations. It also contains suggestions for use in the classroom and example plots.
Microsoft Excel file icon climatemodel2.xlsx426K Download This is an excel spreadsheet that contains all you need to run and plot the climate model
Microsoft Word file icon Met112 Fall2012 Climate Mod..docx201K Download View Lesson plan from Elly Walsh for her class at San Jose State
Microsoft Word file icon Walsh_comments.docx140K Download View Comments from Elly Walsh about how she used the model in her classroom.


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