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End of quarter grades

All your grades are in the gradebook now.  Thanks for a good quarter!

Practice Final

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Week #10, Homework #10, and Final review

(4 Dec - 10 Dec)

Homework #10 is available on WebAssign, due Wednesday December 7th at 11pm.  The corresponding weekly survey is available below (and also due 12/7 at 11pm).

I will be out of town for all of Week #10, the last week of classes.  Alberto Chiecchio will be subbing for me.

Your final exam is the Monday of finals week (December 12th), in our classroom, from 2:30 - 4:20.  I'll have a review sessions over the weekend, on Saturday 12/10, from 2:30-4:30 in Savery 264.  I'll review the quarter's material, then answer questions.  You should come with some problems or questions for me.

Week #9

(27 Nov - 3 Dec)

There is no Homework #9, and no Week #9 survey.  We have class on Wednesday and Friday only.  

Midterm II Solutions

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Homework #8

Homework #8 is available on WebAssign.  It's due the Saturday after Thanksgiving, November 26th, at 11pm.  Same with the weekly survey.

Midterm 2 practice (not graded)

Your second midterm is Wednesday 11/16, in class.  There's a WebAssign practice exam that you can do, but it won't count towards your grade.

The midterm is going to be very similar to homeworks.  It will cover 14.5, 14.6, and 16.1 - 16.4 (including Green's Theorem).  You can have one side of one sheet of handwritten notes, and a scientific calculator.

There's also a Weekly survey to complete, by 11/16 at 11pm.  If you fill it out after the midterm, you can let me know what you thought.

Homework #7 (graded)

not just a WebAssign problem set this week. Instructions in the PDF.
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Homework #6

Homework #6 is now available on WebAssign, due 11/9 at 11pm.  It's not assigned but Problem #48 in Section 16.2 might be of interest to physics and EE students.  Remember to do the weekly survey as well.

Decent vector field plotter

This website has a little applet that lets you play around with plotting 2D and 3D vector fields.

Homework #5

Homework #5 is now available on WebAssign, due 11/2 at 11pm.  Make sure to complete the Weekly Survey #5 as well (below).

Midterm I solutions

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Homework #4, class optional on 10/26

Your next homework is available on WebAssign, due 10/26 at 11pm.  You should also do the Weekly Survey #4 (see below), by 10/26 at 11pm.

On this homework, you'll be inputting some big messy formulas, rather than just numbers.  WebAssign will supposedly accept a range of answers (e.g. x+y versus y+x), but let me know if you think you have the correct answer but the computer isn't reading it.  Hopefully you won't have to waste your time reformatting your answers.

On Wednesday, 10/26, I'll be talking about Sections 14.7 and 14.8.  It's not part of the official syllabus, so you won't be tested on this material.  But it's really cool stuff that I think you might find interesting.  Consider it an optional lecture.

Homework #3 (graded) and Midterm practice (not graded)

On WebAssign you can now start work on Homework #3, which will be graded and counts towards your grade.  Due 10/19 at 11pm.

There's also a Midterm practice assignment.  You can submit answers and see how you do, but this won't count towards your grade.  WebAssign tells me it should take about 56 minutes, but take that as a very rough guess.  I suggest working on all the problems, and then submitting them to see how you do, and then tweaking your answers to try to get them right.

Note: the midterm will be similar to this assignment except on the midterm you won't have to solve every integral - I'm more interested in if you can set them up correctly.  They're all equal to six anyways, right?

Another thing to keep in mind: when I grade the midterm, I'll be checking your work and giving lots of partial credit.  WebAssign encourages an all-or-nothing attitude, and this is not helpful in real life.  If you find that you get things wrong on the first try but can fix your mistakes, then your first try is probably going to get you almost all the points on the midterm.  So don't let the little red X's frustrate you too much.

And please do the Weekly Survey #3, by 10/19 at 11pm.  See below.  Remember, missing more than two is like skipping a HW.


Persi Diaconis talk

Persi Diaconis, a magician-turned-mathematician, will be giving a (free) UW Common Book talk about randomness.  Wednesday 10/12, at 7pm in Kane 130.  Information available here.

Homework #2

Homework #2 is now available on WebAssign.  It's due Wednesday, 10/12, at 11pm.  Note that WebAssign will be down for repairs this Saturday (10/8), from 3am - 9am PST.

Also, Weekly Survey #2 is available below, due at the same time as the homework.

Welcome and Homework #1

23 Sept

Class starts on Wednesday, in Smith 105 at 1:30.  See you then.  

The first homework assignment is available on WebAssign.  You can read about how to use WebAssign on the course info page.  You also need to complete the Week#1: Introduction Survey. Both are due on Wednesday, 10/5 at 11pm.

There might be some bumps in figuring out how to use WebAssign. I encourage you to play around with it soon, and email me any problems or comments.

Here's an interesting article about James Stewart's $24 million Integral House.  In this article he's quoted, "If I hadn't commissioned this house, I'm not sure what I would spend the money on."

Send questions about this workspace to Luke Wolcott.