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Postdoctoral Research Scientist
University of Washington
School of Oceanography
Aquatic Organic Geochemistry

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School of Oceanography
Box 355351
University of Washington
Seattle, Washington 98195-5351

Tel: (206) 841 6310

Email: mbridoux@u.washington.edu

Research Interests                                                                                   

I am broadly trained as an organic geochemist and am particularly interested in understanding the source, cycling and fate of “source-specific” organic compounds as well as the factors that control their preservation in present and past marine and freshwater systems. 
My doctoral work was completed in the department of Environmental Chemistry at the State University of New-York (SUNY) at Albany.  My dissertation focused on understanding the impact of invasive species (mollusks and crustaceans) on the biogeochemical cycling of organic matter at the molecular level (algal pigments and fatty acids), in the lower Laurentian Great-Lakes ecosystems.
As a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Washington, I have expanded my research interest to:
  • the study of natural organic matter in coastal and deep-sea environments, produced by silicifying organisms and bound to diatoms frustules and sponge spicules; and their potential application as paleoceanographical proxies.
  • the development and application of compound-specific isotopic analytical methods 14C and δ15N) to target new stratigraphic biomarkers in geological records.
  • the application of shotgun proteomic techniques to the study of particulate protein degradation and preservation patterns.
  • development of new chromatographic and spectrometric methods (HPLC-PDA, LC-MS, GCMS) to characterize, at the molecular level, new organic proxies and analyze their isotopic signature by Accelerator Mass Spectrometry (AMS) and Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry (IRMS). 


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