Non-Clinical Electives

For questions about non-clinical electives contact Yvonne Horner,

Medicine non-clinical electives are geared toward professional students not yet enrolled in clinical clerkships, but are not limited to MS1 and MS2 students. Expanded medical students or students working on dual degrees are welcome to register as are MS3 and MS4 students who have time in their schedule.

CONJ 550 - Clinical Infectious Diseases - link pending - must have password from Dr. Pottinger - only accessible to enrolled students

CONJ 553 - Clinical Management of HIV and STI

MED 499 - Undergraduate Research

MED 505 - Preceptorship in Medicine

MED 530 - AIDS: A Multidisciplinary Approach

MED 534 - Wilderness Medicine

MED 549 - Clinical Medicine Genetics

MED 555 - Mind, Body and Pen: Writing and the Art of Becoming a Physician 

MED 556 - Visual Thinking: How to Observe in Depth

MED 557 - Hispanic Health and Health Care Disparities

MED 561 - Tropical Medicine

MED 565 - The Healer's Art: Awakening the Heart of Medicine 

MED 600 - Independent Study and Research 

UCONJ 550 - Healthcare in the Underserved Community 



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