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Annotated Appliography Beyond Angry Birds: Apps in Medical Education

please note: these resources have not been tested by Medicine Student Programs, nor should their listing here be construed as a promotion of use or advocacy for purchase or accuracy, it is simply a list of resources presented by Dr. Cifu at the 2012 CDIM Conference - available for your use.
General References:
  • Medscape - Great full feature reference app. Best for disease monographs and full function medication resource
  • Dynamed - Clinical reference database that has evidence based clinical summaries. Nice inclusion of level of evidence and guideline
  • Skyscape - The company that makes dynamed. Similar to Medscape, extensive general reference.
Drug References:
  • Medscape - Full function medication resource
  • Micromede - Probably the most up to date and comprehensive drug information program.
  • Lexi-comp - Another great drug reference
  • Epocrates - An old classic from the Palm Pilot days
Differential Diagnosis:
  • Agile diagnosis - Focused on teaching clinical reasoning. Symptom trees that lead students through a differential diagnosis to reach a single or small number of probable diagnoses.
  • Diagnosaurus - Extensive list of differentials for many, many complaints
  • Differential Diagnosis Pocket - Lists (and lists) of differentials for symptoms and lab abnormalities
  • Visual D/X - A breathtaking program for dermatologic differentials (299.99 for a full 1 year subscription)
  • QX Calculate - Really nice medical calculator with multiple CDRs
  • Med Calc - Another old classic, more expensive than most
Antbiotic Guides:
  • Antibiotic Advisor is very elegant with recommended drugs for anything and everything. Very easy to use
  • Sandford - The old standby. Also, great, maybe a little less intuitive.
Anatomy: There are tons of these at all different price points. Two nice free ones:
  • Netter Anatomy Series - The classic atlas
  • DrawMD - Provides background pictures for literally anything. Allows you to sketch on the drawings. Great for working with patients at the bedside.
EKG Guides: An overwhelming number to review
  • EKG Academy - Electrocardiogram Study Guide is an especially good one. Can be used as a reference or as a quiz.
Cases and quizzes:
  • Prognosis-Your Diagnosis: A clinical case stimulation game that are fun and educational, though more geared towards medical students just starting to learn clinical medicine.
  • Radiology 2.0 - One night in the ED: provides users with a series of case simulations that teach CT scan reading at a PACS workstation. Includes extensive discussions labeling and highlighting pathologies and relevant findings on each of the imaging slides.
  • Case Files- An e-version of the popular textbook series that provides case vignettes and explanations
Heart sounds (lung sounds, bowel sounds): Many different apps, some of the most costly ones out there. Most have a free version that is limited but OK.
  • Littman
  • iMurmur
  • Blaufuss
  • AHRQ apps - Designed to provide clinicians with decision support regarding appropriate screening, counseling and preventative services. Gives individualized screening guidelines based on demographics.
  • Eponyms - List of eponyms, common and uncommon. Just for fun
  • ATP3 Lipids - Allows you to enter patient data to get NCEP recommendations regarding lipid management
  • Docphin - medical new and research aggregator
  • PubMedMobile - An app for searching through the Pubmed research database
  • PreTest series - Shelf exam review...
  • Medical Spanish - whole array of dictionaries, some of which will speak phrases for you 
Places to find apps:
  • Google searches: "medical iphone ipad apps" "top medical apps" etc
  • iOS App Store/Itunes store (as well as other app stores depending on the platform you choose: android, nokia, RIM, Palm, Microsoft
  • iMedicalApps
  • Medicalopedia
  • Mobihealthnews
  • Mashable
  • Techcrunch


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