Policies on Collaborative Services

The Center for Biomedical Statistics currently offers support with:


  1.    Grant Preparation / Study Design

  2.    Choosing Statistical Methods

  3. •   Sample Size Determination

  1.    Randomization and Blinding

  2.    Electronic Data Capture 

  3.    High-dimensional Data Storage

  4.    Multicenter Study Coordination

  5.    Data and Safety Monitoring

  6.    Data Analysis and Cleaning

  7.    Manuscript Review


Depending on your project’s needs, the initial consultation will involve a faculty biostatistician or staff biostatistician and possibly a graduate-student.  


Co-authorship and Acknowledgement  

  1.           If the CBS statistician contributes in any substantial way to a publication, with advice, planning, or analysis, then he or she is entitled to be a co‐author (if their material is being used), and in that case the statistician also has a responsibility for the publication as a whole as outlined in the JAMA criteria. 

  2.          The CBS is supported by Grant Number UL1TR000423 from the National Institutes of Health’s National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences.  Please help us continue to support your research by citing our grant in the publications we support.


Working with a Biostatistician 

  1.          Projects run more smoothly when there is frequent, clear, and focused communication, which requires a strong commitment from both investigators and CBS faculty and staff. We work on multiple projects simultaneously and intervals between communications may vary. Do not hesitate to ask for an update!  

  2.          CBS staff members vary in background, skills, interests, and expertise. Please let us know in advance if your study requires particular skills or background. We will attempt to find someone to help with a particular need.

  3.          The CBS staff and faculty track the amount of time worked on each project and will attempt to estimate the time needed for a given scope of work. When the work exceeds the previously agreed upon scope of the project, the scope or services will need to be renegotiated and/or the CBS will need a UW budget number to charge for additional hours.  


Project Lead Time

  1.          In your request, please indicate deadlines requiring analysis due to abstracts, grant applications, or DSMB reports or meetings.    

  2.          Last‐minute requests are challenging for everyone and cannot always be accommodated due to limited resources and time constraints of other projects. Please contact the CBS at least 6 weeks in advance of a grant deadline, and longer if the study design has yet to be fully developed.  


ITHS Core Support  

  1.          The initial consultation with CBS, up to 2 hours, is available without charge for ITHS investigators with projects based at the University of Washington, Seattle Children's, the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, or affiliated ITHS institutions.  

  2.          ITHS investigators writing multiyear grants that include a CBS biostatistician with a minimum of 10% effort will receive up to 20 additional hours of pre‐award consultation and writing assistance from CBS.  

  3.          Additional support may be available (subject to availability and resources) with more than 10% CBS FTE written into a proposal.  


Fee-based Support

Statistical analyses, hands‐on database work, and review of a manuscript or grant  

(beyond that offered above) are accommodated with an hourly fee:


        $105/hour for CBS staff time

        $155/hour for CBS faculty time


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