Cruise TN-255: R/V Thomas G. Thompson EM302 upgrade Sea-Trial

The R/V Thomas G. Thompson plans to ugrade the existing Multibeam sonar to the Kongsberg Simrad EM302 30-kHz Multibeam Echosounder Oct. 12th - 16th followed by sea-trials Oct. 16th -20th.

The information provide at this site is intended for planning purposes only.  Final documentation will be provide following completion of the upgrade process. 

  • evaluate the performance of the EM302 data acquisition process at predefined areas over a range of depths and sea conditions,
  • recover a moored buoy and (during day light hours) recover an associated autonomous sea glider.
  • depoly an Argos float
Potential related activities:
  • survey of the "pockmark" study area
  • survey of Olympic National Marine Sanctuary patches
  • sanctuary transit CTD survey
The vessel will depart UW docks at 09:00 10/16/2010 and transit to the buoy and sea-glider recover area before proceeding to the Patch Test and Field Survey sites.  Upon completion of the sea-trials, the Pockmark site and marine sanctuary sites will be surveyed before returning to the UW dock at 16:00 10/20/2010.

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Depart Pier 91
Oct 1, 2010 3:07 PM
0900 10/16/2010
Be onboard @ 8:00am
Send questions about this workspace to Miles Logsdon.