Nominate your outstanding Ocean 200 TA for the Dean A. McManus Excellence in Teaching Award

Each year the School of Oceanography presents the Dean A. McManus Excellence in Teaching Award to the School’s outstanding graduate student teaching assistant. The award is intended to encourage and recognize accomplishment in teaching by the School’s graduate students. Selection of the award recipient is based on two criteria: (1) nominations from students and/or instructors and (2) end-of-quarter student evaluations of TAs. If you wish to nominate your TA for the award, please click on the link below and complete the nomination form.


Oceanography 200, Spring 2014 (SLN 17455)

Introduction to Oceanography





Prof. Paul Quay

Class Time: M W F 12:30-1:20PM

Location: KNE 110


Course Coordinator: Mikelle Nuwer

Office: 262 Marine Sciences Bldg. (MSB)

Email: ocean200@uw.edu


Teaching Assistants:

Rick Berg

Email: sea200a@uw.edu

Sections: AA & AF/AK

Office Hours: T 10-11AM in GLD


Kirsten Feifel 

Email: sea200b@uw.edu

Section: AG & AJ

Office Hours: T 2:30-3:30PM at Cafe Allegro


Monica Riess 

Email: sea200c@uw.edu

Sections: AB & AC

Office Hours: M 3:30-4:30 in OUGL Team Booth 117E or 117D


*GLD = Gould Hall, 1st floor by coffee stand

You may attend the office hours of any TA, even if they are not your section TA. TAs are also available for office hours by appointment. If you cannot arrive by the start of a TA’s office hour, please contact the TA. TAs may leave 20 minutes after the start of their office hour if no students are in attendance.







































































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