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Frontiers in Nanotechnology Spring 2012


Tuesday and Thursday  1:30-2:50 pm  Bagley 261

Professor Marjorie Olmstead

Course Description

This class is the core required course for UW's Nanotechnology Dual Degree Ph.D. Program.   The course is designed to give an overview of nanotechnology, with emphasis on activities at the University of Washington.  Roughly half the class periods will be presentations by UW faculty in the Center for Nanotechnology discussing research on campus.  The first three weeks will address background core material common to many aspects of nanoscale science and technology.  The remaining classes will be spent addressing connections between nanotechnology research and society (tech transfer, ethics, products, etc.).

The course is open to all graduate students and advanced undergraduates.  It is aimed at graduate students starting their research in UW's nanotechnology Ph.D. program.

Contact Information

Prof. Marjorie Olmstead

Department of Physics  Box 351560

email:  olmstd@uw.edu

phone:  206-685-3031

Office:  Physics Astronomy B433

Office Hours:  12:30 to 1:15 pm Thursdays in PAB B433

                         or by appointment.

Which Class?

Physics 576A  (SLN 17657):  CR/NC  for graduate students who don't need graded credits.


Chem 560A (SLN 11988):  Standard grading for grad students who need graded credits in A&S.


BioEng 599F (SLN 11206):  Standard grading for grad students who need graded credits in Engineering


NME 498A (SLN 16682):  For undergraduates (standard grading).


Due Dates
May 24, 2012 4:39 PM
Papers turned in by the final due date (Friday May 25) will be graded by Tuesday, May 29, and you...
NanoSeminar Time Conflict
Mar 19, 2012 3:20 PM
To register for both NanoFrontiers and the Nano Seminar, you will need to fill out a time conflic...
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