Course Summary

Grant Proposal Practicum

ENVIR 495E / CEP 498A

3 credits

Wednesdays, 3:30 – 5:20pm, Gould 208J

2 half-day field trips to be scheduled first week of class

Students in this course will:

  • Develop skills in grant-writing, project development, and project management for projects of all kinds that target sustainability goals
  • Apply their environmental literacy to real-world problems by developing and presenting a project proposal targeting sustainability goals, using the UW Campus Sustainability Fund as a model
  • Complete a proposal and presentation, which could be submitted for funding to the Campus Sustainability Fund
  • Connect with faculty, administrators, practitioners, and other students currently involved in varied sustainability efforts at the UW and beyond
  • Focus on their individual project ideas or be willing to develop a proposal based on already-identified needs

Campus Sustainability Fund: http://f2.washington.edu/oess/csf/

Grant Proposal Practicum Draft Syllabus

Below is a draft syllabus for Winter Quarter 2014. The syllabus will be updated prior to the first day of classes. For any questions, please email Patrick at pbridi80@uw.edu.

Draft Syllabus

ENVIR 495/CEP 498

Grant Proposal Practicum

Winter 2014


Course Overview

  • 3 credit undergraduate course, open to interested graduate students (400-level)
  • Offered once per year in Winter quarter
  • Course meets once per week for two hours in the late afternoon
  • Two half-day field trips during the quarter, to be scheduled first week of the quarter:
    • ​Field Trip 1: CSF project tour
    • Field Trip 2: Project manager shadow exercise


Course Objectives

  • Develop proposal-writing, project design, and project management skills applicable in the public, private and non-profit sectors
  • Develop presentation and public speaking skills
  • Increase understanding of grant application and project management processes in the context of sustainability efforts across a variety of institutions (government, private, education, NGO)
  • Explore funding opportunities for project-based work that addresses environmental sustainability goals
  • Increase student abilities to survey the landscape of complex institutions, identify relevant project partners, and develop partnerships for project-based work (also known as “process management”)
  • Cross-fertilize and create connections between students in order to create cross-functional teams capable of developing well-rounded project proposals
  • Provide structure and direction for students interested in sustainability projects on the UW campus



  • Draft Letter of Intent (LOI) for a project proposal that addresses environmental sustainability goals
  • Draft project proposal for a project that addresses environmental sustainability goals
  • Presentation of project (10 minutes or less) to the funding organization



  • Class Participation – 30%
  • Draft LOI – 20%
  • Draft Proposal – 30%
  • Project Presentation – 20%


Draft Course Schedule:  Winter 2014 




*Instructor present at all class meetings*

Class Topics and Structures



  • Course overview
  • Overview of projects focused on environmental sustainability goals
  • Review assignment deadlines


Funder panel discussion

CSF Coordinator

CSF Outreach Coordinator,

CSF Committee Rep(s)

ESSO representative

  • Understanding the funding source
  • LOI and Proposal review process (criteria)
  • Introduce CSF Committee Members


Match Day

Discuss proposals with UW admin, faculty, staff, students

  • Understanding institutional processes
  • Current UW sustainability efforts
  • UW organizational structure
  • Overview of stakeholder mgmt.


Project design panel discussion

CSF project leads

  • Draft LOIs due
  • Project design
  • Time management
  • Lessons learned and best practices


Grant-writing panel discussion

Seattle Foundation

City of Seattle, Neighborhood Matching Fund Program

Bullitt Foundation

  • Understanding grant processes
  • Understanding external grant-making organizations
  • Crafting successful proposals
  • How grant decisions are made



Proposal writing workshop


Stakeholder management guest speaker


Financial management and budgeting guest speaker


  • Draft Proposals due (Round 1)


Instructor, Peer evaluation

Peer review and critique


Communication panel discussion


  • Communicating and presenting projects to grant-makers
  • Importance of communication



  • Draft Proposals due (Final)
  • Project presentations


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