Research Goals

I work in the areas of phonetics and phonology. My general research interests include speech styles, acoustic and articulatory phonetics, variability and cognitively-accountable statistical language models. 

At the moment I'm working on three main projects:

  • modelling attention using phonetic cues 
  • building a database of modality-specific grammar in signed languages; at the moment I'm looking at cross-linguistic distribution of parameters
  • investigating how distortion affects intelligibility in normal and hearing-impaired populations under Richard Wright and Pamela Souza

In addition, I have a sustained interest in in teaching. I'm particularly interested in educating the public about linguistics as a discipline and maintain a blog to that purpose.

Curriculum vitæ

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Publications and Presentations

As of April 2014



  • 2014 Exhibit for Paws on Science. This is an annual event put on by the Pacific Science Center to help UW scientists connect with the public. These materials were designed with an elementary-school audience in mind.  
    • Posters explaining the activities. I would recommend picking a maximum of three. 
    • Sounds files for the binaural listening and phoneme replacement activities. 
    • Tables banners with QR links for the PNWE project website, the binaural listening sound file and the phoneme replacement sound file.
    • Words for the syntax tree. Cut them out, laminate them and place velcro dots on the backs of the words and the poster with the syntax tree. 
    • You will also need: 
      • popsicle sticks/tongue depressors 
      • crepe paper
      • head phones
      • MP3 player 
      • easels or another way to mount posters 
      • (recommend) alcohol wipes for headphones
      • (recommend) sanitizer 
    • All art on these posters was labelled for commercial reuse with modification and you're free to use my materials (including recordings) for educational purposes.


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