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Summer Quarter Certificate Info Session: Business Essentials

Certificate in Business Essentials

Required Courses (10 credits total)
Marketing Essentials (MKTG 275 A), 3 credits, I&S, 12418
Management Essentials (MGMT 275 A), 3 credits, I&S, 12389

Accounting and Financial Essentials (ACCTG 275 A), 3 credits, QSR, 10024
Business Plan Capstone (MGMT 490 A), 1 credit, 12393

If you plan on working in an organization such as a business or a non-profit, you'll need to know how such organizations actually work. This series of classes will help you prepare for your career by learning about the concepts and practical skills intrinsic to marketing, management, accounting and finance – fundamental disciplines that are central to most organizations. By learning about these subjects you'll be more valuable to your employer or your cause and will therefore be more likely to have a successful career.

This certificate program provides essential information for any organization with business processes, including for-profit, nonprofit, start-up, and government organizations. It will explore customer markets, business models, people management, core business processes, ethics, and financial basics.


The program includes a one-credit capstone project in which you will author a business plan for a start-up venture, product line, or existing organization. Learn how to incorporate multiple business perspectives into one plan, and walk away with an attractive addition to your career portfolio. Come learn the basics of business and organizations!

Note that this certificate program is not open for credit to students pursuing a business degree.

Why Should I Complete a Summer Quarter Certificate Program?

As a UW undergraduate student, you can take care of some of your general education or elective credits in a focused and concentrated way by taking a Summer Quarter Certificate Program. Strengthen your study skills while you earn a companion credential that complements your degree.

You can use the summer as an opportunity to try out or train for a potential career path. The certificate program offers an alternative to a traditional internship; all courses are generally taught by industry professionals and offer hands-on learning in the classroom. The certificate serves as a marker of professional readiness along with your bachelor’s degree.

How the Summer Quarter Certificate Programs Work

Summer Quarter Certificates are open to UW matriculated undergraduates enrolled in Summer Quarter. Go to MyUW and register for all courses that make up the certificate of your choice.

Please Note: UW graduate students can enroll in Summer Quarter Certificates on a space available basis during registration period III.

Once you have successfully completed all the certificate courses, they will appear on your transcript just like your other UW courses. You will also receive a certificate in the mail from UW Professional and Continuing Education indicating your successful completion of the program. You may list the certificate on your résumé. (Note: The certificate itself will not appear on your transcript.)

Note: These courses may not be eligible for Financial Aid. Please talk with your advisor about how the courses may/may not fulfill credits you need or contact the Financial Aid Office to review your individual situation.


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Financial Aid eligibility: important notice
Feb 3, 2014 4:08 PM
Check with your advisor on how these courses may or may not fulfill credits you need. This is an ...
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