Examples of Websites from Con Biol Winter 2012

There were many excellent websites. These were particularly memorable for not only because they more or less met the goals of the assignment and course, but because of the creativity, clarity, and user-friendliness with which they were presented.

Take Home Final: Website Evaluation

Instructions: Evaluate 5 web-pages (not 10) and focus your review on the content. Your goal should be to demonstrate a strong understanding of the nuances of content and concepts discussed throughout the quarter and to relate that understanding to the websites. The only part of each website that we are explicitly asking for an evaluation of style is in the synthetic figure, and here you should be focused on clarity of presentation, not artistic ability. Do not evaluate spelling, grammar, or artistic ability throughout the website (we will do that).

Please turn in a single document, 5 pages in length, each page devoted to a single web-page (insert a page break before starting each new evaluation). At the top of each page, in bold, please put your name, your section, and the name of the website and the URL of the website you are evaluating. Use 1 inch margins, and no smaller than 10 point font. Single spacing is allowed. Word limits are listed below, but do not feel obliged to reach that word limit. A part of your grade will be on how concise and clear your wording is, so do not write to fill space.

The write up for each webpage should consist of 2 sections.

Section 1: a BRIEF REVIEW OF WEBSITE CONTENT (200 words max). In one paragraph provide a brief (one to two sentences max) summary of the main points that you got from the website and summarize what you took from the synthetic/original figure (one sentence), and evaluate it (how could it be better, what confused you) (one to two sentences).

Section 2: a SYNTHESIS OF CONCEPTUAL MATERIAL RELATED TO WEBSITE TOPIC (700 words max). Please provide a synthesis of the material in class that relates to this topic. Be specific, indicate where you are getting your information (e.g.: in the lecture on climate change” or “in the pop. Viability lab…”, or “Groom chapter 16”, or (Kareiva 2011)(One to two paragraphs). Finish by briefly describing any additional questions or points would you raise or address if you had to create a website on this topic (One paragraph - 2-5 sentences).

In the files below (saved both as an excel file and as a CSV, use whatever you like), you will find a a list of all websites, sorted by your UW e-mail addresses. I have put everyone into 6 person groups. Your assignment is to review the websites from the other 5 members in your group (if you are in group 20, see the instructions after your names, there are 7 folks in your group, so I have posted explicit instructions on who to review. The URLs for all websites are listed and all of them have been checked to make sure they work. They all open fine.

Have at it. This is due by Tuesday at Midnight, through the dropbox

Here is the link to the assignment on dropbox
Microsoft Excel file icon Website Final Review Assign...xls92K Download
Comma-delimited file icon Website Final Review Assign...csv16K Download View source

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