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The purpose of the MSE-User facility is to provide materials characterization to students, faculty, researchers and on a limited basis, industry. We have X-ray diffraction, particle sizing, porosimetry, temperature related characterization, optical characterization, and various furnaces for sample preparation.

Training is provided for all of the instruments in the user facility except the Porosimeter. 

For UV-Vis - FTIR - Instron - STF SEM - Thermal Analysis please contact Tuesday Kuykendall at tuesday@uw.edu. 

For XRD - Olympus Scope - Particle Size - Furnaces - Thermal Analysis Contact Tatyana Galenko at tgalenko@uw.edu. All others please contact Tuesday for training.

For EMC instruments (Not featured on this page) Please Contact Hanson Fong at hfong@uw.edu

Microsoft PowerPoint file icon Signing up on scheduler.pptx2.9M Download Instructions for creating an account on the scheduler. Do this during the second training session.

MSE User Facility Policies

  • The MSE User facility is a cost center for use by researchers and undergraduates.  Priority is always given to undergraduate courses.  Training is available for most of the instruments in the department. 
  • Users  must reserve instruments on the "Resource Scheduler" and can create their own accounts after training.
  • If users do not have materials to be measured, they will be asked to wait until they do.  Instruments should be used as soon as possible after training.  It should also be noted that with few exceptions, trainings are in two sessions and both sessions require an appointment.
  •  If a user has an emergency situation usually the Lab Manager or her assistant can do the measurement (1 or 2 samples).   Most appointments can be made within 1 – 2 weeks of when they are requested.  Same day appointments are not available.
  • The web page has links (on the left of the page) to information about training policies, costs, reservations, etc.  Please read through those pages before making your appointment.
  • All of the instruments require reservations on the resource scheduler. 
  • All of the instruments require training, even if you have already used a similar instrument before.
  • The fee structure below is for users with a UW budget only.  The costs per sample or per hour is based on how the instruments are used, how often they are used, how expensive they are to maintain and how expensive they are to replace.
  • For both graduate and undergraduates who pay tuition and are doing their own research the cost center fee for STF equipment is waived.
  • Undergraduate students who are working on  their own senior project or in the senior design course or using equipment as part of course work, all cost center fees are waived. 
  • If an undergraduate is doing measurements using cost center instruments for a researcher/graduate student, etc.  the cost center fees apply.
  • A budget number is required at the time of training. 
  • Users must fill out and sign a user agreement before gaining access to any instruments.

For UW-Users (Internal users: defined as users with a UW budget number): Users of all cost center equipment are required to log usage as well as reserve the resource. Most resources have a 30 minute minimum. Most resources have an Excel sheet on the desk top of the respective control computers.  If this is not the case please email the budget number, department and adviser to the Lab Manager. A budget number is required EVERY TIME you use a resource regardless of if you have already provided one or not.  Budget numbers are subject to change and closure and this ensures that the correct budget number is used. For special cases where a budget number is not required, the user is still required to log usage.   Please don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions.

For Non-UW Users (External users: defined as users without a UW budget number)  Non-UW users must also sign in the logs and use the resource scheduler to reserve the instruments.  Non-UW users are charged the Non-UW fees (see pricing tab on the left) If no UW budget number is available a billing address and PO number is required.  Resources for NON-UW users is billed at a 1 hour minimum. Washington state tax and a UW User fee will be charged.


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UW students please see me about STF equipment. Non-students may have limited access. See pricing.
Send questions about this workspace to Tuesday Kuykendall​.