Spanish 201 - C
Fall 2010
M-F  10:30-11:20   LOW 116
INSTRUCTOR: Valerie Freeman  
OFFICE: Art 345 - Google map
OFFICE HOURS: by appointment (see Calendar)
E-MAIL: valerief@uw.edu

Required Materials:

  1. Bretz, Mary Lee, et al. Pasajes: Lengua. 7th edition. McGraw Hill: 2010.
  2. Bretz, Mary Lee, et al. Pasajes: Cultura. 7th edition. McGraw Hill: 2010.
  3. Bretz, Mary Lee, et al. Pasajes: Literatura. 7th edition. McGraw Hill: 2010.
  4. Quia/Centro code (see below).
  5. AVE code (see below).
The three books and a Quia/Centro code (printed on a cardboard insert) are sold packaged together at the UW bookstore.  The AVE code is sold on a pamphlet at the cashier's at the book store, so you must ask for it specifically.  It is the only code you will need for all three 200-level classes at UW (201-202-203).  The books are also used for all three classes, so you will not have to buy new books or a new AVE code for future 200-level classes.  If you buy the books from somewhere other than the UW book store, you must still buy the AVE code at the book store, and you must buy a Quia/Centro code on the Quia/Centro website.  See the Quia & AVE tab for more details about these online homework programs.
Microsoft Word document icon tips-for-typing.doc71K Download Tips for typing in Spanish (using MS Word): How to change the language and type accents and punctuation.
Adobe Acrobat file icon errores.pdf20K Download View Errores comunes (common errors): articles, accents, capitalization, punctuation. Use as a reference for writing.

Misc. Policies

  • Please do not use laptops, cell phones, i-pods, or other potential distractions in class. These will interfere with your ability to participate in class.  If you are texting in class, I'll confiscate your phone!
  • Please do not eat or chew gum in class – it interferes with others’ ability to understand your speech.  If you are absolutely starving and need a snack, make sure it is not messy, smelly, or noisy (popcorn, chips, etc.).  Remove wrappers so they will not crinkle throughout the period.
  • If you have a disability and would benefit from accommodations, please speak with me as soon as possible. I am happy to work with you, so you can be successful in this class. 
Communication with me:
  • I will send info about assignments and extra credit opportunities to your UW email address; check it frequently.  
  • If you would like to meet with me outside of class, please make an effort to come to my office hours.  If those times are impossible for you, I will be happy to make an appointment with you at another time.
  • During class, we will only be communicating in Spanish – but you are welcome to communicate with me in English outside of class time.  I look forward to working with you!


Dec 13, 2010 7:25 PM
The final is cumulative and held the Saturday before finals week 8:30-10:20am.
Location TBA.
Dec 13, 2010 7:24 PM
Open conversation practice led by native speakers. See Extra Credit tab for details.
Dec 13, 2010 7:24 PM
Open study sessions in Mary Gates: CLUE tutors can help with homework or studying for tests, all ...
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