Spanish 102
Summer 2009
M-F  8:30-10:40  LOW 100
INSTRUCTOR:Valerie Freeman  
OFFICE:Art 345 - Google Campus map
OFFICE HOURS:by appointment

Required Materials:

1.      Textbook:  ¿Sabías que...? 5th edition by VanPatten, Lee, Ballman, Farley.  ISBN: 978-0-07-351316-4.

2.      Workbook:  Español nivel 100 ("EN"), a UW-specific course handbook available at the University Book Store.

3.      Homework:  Quia registration code:  Found on cardboard insert inside the Español nivel handbooks when purchased new from UW bookstore; may be called “Electronic Workbook: Manual que acompaña ¿Sabías que...?”.  If you get your handbook used, you must purchase your Quia code from their website.  Detailed registration instructions are in the Assignments tab.


1.      Kendris, Christopher. 501 Spanish Verbs.  New York: Barron’s Educational Series, 1990.

2.      Spinelli, Emily. English Grammar for Students of Spanish. 1979. Michigan: The Olivia and Hill Press. 

Microsoft Word document icon tips-for-typing.doc71K Download Tips for typing in Spanish (using MS Word): How to change the language and type accents and punctuation.
Adobe Acrobat file icon errores.pdf20K Download View Errores comunes (common errors): articles, accents, capitalization, punctuation. Use as a reference for writing.

Misc. Policies


  • Please do not use laptops, cell phones, iPods, or other potential distractions in class. These will interfere with your ability to participate in class.  If you are texting in class, I'll confiscate your phone!
  • Please do not eat or chew gum in class – it interferes with others’ ability to understand your speech.  If you are absolutely starving and need a snack, make sure it is not messy, smelly, or noisy (popcorn, chips, etc.).  Remove wrappers so they will not crinkle throughout the period -- candy, granola bars, etc are quiet, but their wrappers are not!
  • If you have a disability and would benefit from accommodations, please speak with me as soon as possible. I am happy to work with you, so you can be successful in this class. 
Communication with me:
  • I will send info about assignments and extra credit opportunities to your UW email address; check it frequently.  
  • If you would like to meet with me outside of class, please make an effort to come to my office hours.  If those times are impossible for you, I will be happy to make an appointment with you at another time.
  • Remember that, during class, we will only be communicating in Spanish – but you are welcome to communicate with me in English outside of class time.  I look forward to working with you this quarter!


Dec 15, 2009 11:23 PM
Open conversation practice led by native speakers. See Extra Credit tab for details.
Dec 15, 2009 11:23 PM
Open study sessions in Mary Gates: CLUE tutors can help with homework or studying for tests, all ...
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