Welcome to ENGR 100, Section D!

(This web site is also available via the link http://tinyurl.com/engr100d10au.)

When and where does this section meet?
Section D meets every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 2:30 to 4:20 pm in the Learning Factory, which can be a bit hard to find.  Click here for directions.

Who are the teaching staff?
Instructor:  Ken Yasuharayasuhara at uw dot edu
TA:  William Soetanto, soetaw at uw dot edu
TA:  Tanner Hoecherl, 

Ken has office hours in Engineering Annex 221 on Thursdays, 3:00–4:00 pm or by appointment. Engineering Annex 221 is on the upper floors, accessible via the metal stairs outside the building.

What is this class about?
Read more about ENGR 100 on the main ENGR 100 course web.

What kind of work will this section involve?

Most of the work will be team and individual design projects, writing assignments (project reports, design memos), presentations, posters, short readings, and self-designed projects.

How will this section be different from the others?
Section D this quarter will be run slightly differently from the other sections.  This section will focus on a broader range of engineering design issues—not only technical issues (the science and math), but also contextual issues like society, culture, and sustainability.  Much of the rest of the course will be the same, including the focus on developing design, communication, collaboration, and learning skills, as well as the emphasis on learning about different areas of engineering and engineering career options.  The course is intended to be especially (but not exclusively) helpful to pre-major students considering engineering.

How will this section be graded?
More specifics will come with assignments, but the overall breakdown of course credit is as follows:
  1/3 design process, critical thinking
  1/3 for communication
  1/6 design outcome quality
  1/6 participation and citizenship (respect, professionalism, responsibility)
The participation and citizenship credit will be based in part on peer evaluation.  Extra credit opportunities will be provided throughout the quarter.

How should we interpret the check-based marks?
On the A-B-C-etc. grading scale, the checks roughly correspond to the following grades:  A+ for ccc+, A for ccc, high B for cc, high C for c, and lower grades at my discretion...but I hope we never have to have that discussion.
  See also:  grading policy document linked on Assignments page.

Will our final grades be curved?
Absolutely not.  As a teacher of a course like ENGR 100, part of my job is to evaluate you relative to absolute standards and expectations, which I try to make clear through clear grading policies and timely feedback on frequent assignments.  Curved grades do not necessarily reflect student achievement and can encourage unproductive competition among students, which runs counter to my goals in this course (and most courses).

Will I be in the same team all quarter?
No, we will be changing teams and team size during the quarter, depending on projects.

Is there a way for me to provide feedback about the section online?
Yes.  Please click here to provide your feedback, which can be left anonymously, if you choose.  Please keep in mind that it is generally easier to understand and respond to feedback that is constructive, specific, and detailed.

Are your past e-mail announcements archived anywhere?
Yes.  See here.


Peer evaluation
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Engineer profiles
Dec 9, 2010 5:00 PM
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Upcycled/ Recycled
Dec 9, 2010 8:55 AM
...assignment updated to clarify write-up instructions. See Assignments page.
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