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Applied Linear Algebra and Numerical Analysis

Class Schedule: MWF 10:50-11:50  @ CMU 226

Instructor: Felix Xiaofeng Ye

Office: LEW 114

Contact email: yexf308@uw.edu

Office hours: Thu 1:30 pm-3 pm or By appointment at LEW 128


Course description

The course goals are to understand the basic concepts of linear algebra and to obtain an introduction to some aspects of computational techniques used in matrix methods. We will study basic concepts in linear algebra, including vectors, vector spaces, linear transformations, matrix-vector manipulations, solving linear systems, least squares problems, and eigenvalue problems. Matrix decompositions (e.g. LU, QR) will play a fundamental role throughout the course. The emphasis will be on practical aspects of linear algebra and numerical methods for solving these problems.Such problems arise constantly in science, engineering, finance, computer graphics.

Some familiarity with computer programming is assumed in this course, at the level of CSE 142 or AMATH 301.  You are not expected to know MATLAB already. MATLAB programming will be taught as part of the course and the webpage has links to several online resources. You should also become adept at using the MATLAB language for numerical problem solving. MATLAB has many built-in functions for solving particular problems and you will learn how to use these. You should also gain an understanding of how they work,  why they sometimes do not work, and how to use them intelligently. However, you may choose other programming language to finish homeworks if you want. 

MATH 308 (Linear Algebra) is not a prerequisite for this class. Both classes should complement one another and can be taken in either order.

Computer usage

MATLAB will be used extensively for this class. A student version of MATLAB can be bought for about $100 at the UW Bookstore. Otherwise, the College of Arts and Sciences Instructional Computing Lab is located in the Communications Building (Room B022). 

You can use Matlab remotely via a terminal server:

Some Matlab resources available on the web:

However, you may use other programming languages that you feel comfortable with to do homeworks. 


(1) Vectors, norms, inner product

(2) Linear spaces, subspaces, linearly independent vectors, bases

(3) Linear functions

(4) Matrices, range, null space

(5) Eigenvalue problems

(6) Error, condition number

(7) QR factorization, Gram-Schmidt algorithm

(8) Computer arithmetic, floating point arithmetic




Since the class size is small(less than 30), I will use the absolute grading.

The minimum percentage to pass this course will be 60%. 


Homeworks and Exams

Homework(40%): There are about 6 homework sets and every homework will count to your final grade. Generally, this class will have homework almost every week. Homework will be due on Friday at the beginning of the class (10:50am). There will be programming part and written part. 

As my usual practice, I try to make the homework as light as possible. However, doing homework alone is definitely not sufficient for really understanding the subject. You should do as many additional problems as possible.

Midterm(25%): The in-class midterm exam is scheduled about Late July. (July 25th)

Final(35%):The in-class final exam is scheduled on the last day of the class. 

Project(10%): (Extra credits) For these students who would like to pursuit higher degree in math or math related subject (like Ph.D problem in Applied math), you have the option to do an individual independent project with me. I will expect students to understand the course material fully first and still have time and energy on extra advanced topics. If you decide to do a project with me, please make an appointment with me and we can discuss about it. We can find a suitable topic based on your background. The deadline to let me know will be Jul 30th. 

You are required to write no less than 10 pages report by the end of summer quarter and show your progress in detail. I give you the extra credits based on your works. It is not guaranteed that you will get the extra credit. You have to show your originality and creativity. 

Attendance: (0%) Even though I don't require everyone to show up in my every class, it is important and necessary to attend the class because you will save much time. I will not take any attendance, but there might be some extra credits for these students being active in my class. 








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Due on Aug 1st together with 4(a)
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HW1,HW2,HW3 and HW4(a) will be covered the coming Midterm. But HW4a is due on Aug 1st.
Midterm Info
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Midterm will cover up to July 21st class(included)​. Review will be given on July 23rd.
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